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Chiang Mai International School has been meeting the educational needs of the international community in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 1954. CMIS provides English-language education for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 using an American-based curriculum taught from an international perspective. A Christian worldview defines our school and helps to create a friendly, caring and supportive environment that enables our 430 students to develop intellectually, socially and spiritually.

CMIS at a glance:

  • Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

  • American-based four-year High School Diploma

  • Wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered, which are increasingly recognized by universities around the world

  • Caring, experienced teachers

  • Limited class sizes

  • Special Services Department, which provides support for learning differences and English as a Second Language (ESL) up to Grade 8

  • Centrally located campus

School Philosophy and Mission

CMIS, founded on Christian values, provides high quality education using the English Language medium, for international students, preparing them for continued education at university level and throughout life. CMIS encourages students to enjoy learning, to appreciate and respect people from different backgrounds, and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become responsible individuals in the global community.


Missionaries returning to work with the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) after World War II, established a school for their children in Chiang Mai. Classes Opened June 1, 1954 with 8 students. In 1958 building was started on the present campus for "The Chiang Mai Children's Center". As other expatriated families moved here and sought education in the English medium for their children, they too were accepted at the school.

In 1984 representatives of the Thai Foreign Ministry and CCT agreed the formal establishment of an international school in Chiang Mai, a necessary step to achieving the school's legal status. Classes under the new name "Chiang Mai International School" opened September 1985 for kindergarten to eighth grade, being the first international school outside of Bangkok. High School grades were added progressively from 1992-95.

Today, CMIS maintains its heritage of the Christian faith as the basis for its principles and conduct in the school. CMIS remains committed to its first priority of serving the education needs of missionary families, while welcoming international children from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and religious beliefs. CMIS has Thai Ministry of Education approval (High School accredited for University entrance)

Educational Objectives

Foster an atmosphere where the students will enjoy relationships and learning, students are encouraged to:

- form healthy friendships that are affirming, inclusive and tolerant of differences

- develop appropriately in academic, emotional and social terms

- show interest in class by participating, being inquisitive and trying new things.

Stimulate students' progressive growth at each grade level in all areas of the curriculum, students are taught and encouraged to:
- develop, create and support their intellectual, artistic, practical and physical work
- strive to maximize their academic potential
- demonstrate continuous improvement in their work
- meet or exceed the Minimum Skills Mastery (MSM) standards for their grade and subject level
- read, write and discuss at levels appropriate to their ages.

Help develop abilities in critical, analytical and independent thinking, demonstrated in fluent conversation and written composition. At each level of development students are expected to:
- verbally express themselves in classroom situations through seminars, debates, classroom discussions and class meetings
- express themselves in written forms such as essays, tests, examinations and assignments
- apply problem solving strategies to real life situations
- analyze, synthesize and evaluate information via individual and team efforts to reach resolutions.

Encourage participation to develop skills in creative arts and sports, students are trained and encouraged to:
- develop fine and gross motor skills
- show cooperation, leadership, and teamwork
- strive towards independent and creative thinking
- value and appreciate other's ideas and opinions
- apply knowledge and skills to all physical activity
- develop individual talents and demonstrate acquisition of skills in practice and performance
- demonstrate sportsmanship and etiquette
- develop subject specific skills in art, drama, music and dance.

Demonstrate and cultivate attitudes and behaviors showing care and respect for others, the environment and the country where we live, students learn to:

- develop and demonstrate awareness and sensitivity towards peoples of different cultures and needs
- act in an ethical and responsible manner
- participate in maintaining the environment of the school, and carry that participation into their community.

Facilitate student abilities to use and evaluate appropriate technology and educational materials in both required and elective subjects, students are taught to:
- develop computer proficiency via keyboard skills and ability to use different programs
- be able to use available reference materials and library resources to access information
- use educational materials both within and outside the classroom to enhance learning
- be able to decide which procedures and materials are appropriate to their learning task.

CMIS Accreditations & Affiliations

CMIS has held Thai Government legal status as an International School since 1985 (Elementary and Middle School) and as a High School (accredited for university entrance qualification) since 1995.

We are also accredited from Kindergarten through Grade 12 by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) in the United States. This must be renewed every 6 years and WASC accreditation of CMIS was most recently renewed in 1999.

CMIS High School is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities for entrance qualifications.

The school is also a member of various organizations including the International Schools Association Of Thailand (ISAT), the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS).

CMIS is a registered examination center for United States based College Board examinations (SAT I and II, ACT and AP), CEEB /ACT Registration Code: 695408.  

Chiang Mai International School

13 Chetupon Road

Chiang Mai

Thailand 50000


Tel +66 53 242027

Fax +66 53 242455 


Chiang Mai International School

13 Chetupon Road

Chiang Mai

Thailand 50000


Tel +66 53 242027

Fax +66 53 242455


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