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Asiamerica A.C.E. was founded by and is staffed by Asian and American educators with decades of experience as both students and teachers in Asia and America who have devoted themselves to true interchange of education and culture. Far too many Asians live and study in the U.S. and return to their countries knowing only the very limited student life of their individual campus; likewise most Americans flock together in visits and stays in Asia and lose the opportunity of really mastering another language and culture.
It is with the above in mind that Asiamerica A.C.E. aims to broaden the intercultural process by fostering understanding and diplomacy at the grassroots level only from which international peace may spring.


Asiamerica A.C.E. co-operates with numerous established exchange organizations and fully accredited private and public colleges and universities throughout the United States.
*High school level exchanges are arranged for 14 to 18 year old students from Asia who will live in small-town communities in the U.S. with host American families while attending local government high schools. American high school students come to Asia to live with an Asian family and attend local high schools for up to a year.
College and university exchange students from Asia, aged 17 and above, who have completed high school or the equivalency, receive partial scholarships for up to four years of study toward the bachelor degree in his/her chosen field. While attending university the exchange student lives with an American host family full-time or with American roommates in dormitories. American students live with Asian host families while attending one or more years at an Asian institution of higher learning.


Both high school and university exchange students should have and must maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average and should possess strong English language skills. High school applicants will be given the Secondary Level English Proficiency Test and university candidates may be required to take the TOEFL. Students in both programs should have cheerful, outgoing personalities and will regularly be required as exchange students to address school groups, church, business and community organizations to inform them about their native lands, customs and culture. This will involve demonstrations of arts, crafts, music and dance as well as preparation of various foods from the home country.


Selection and placement in a specific program will be done on an individual basis as early in the application process as possible. Here it is absolutely necessary that the parents or guardian who will be responsible for the financial support of the exchange student be present at the application/counseling interview.
Final selection for both the high school and university exchanges will be made based not only upon the English proficiency exams and interview but also on past academic record, references from teachers and community leaders, and review of the entire application file by the head offices and registrars in the United States.


For Program costs, please e-mail and request specific program(s) at


  • Tuition, room and board

  • Administrative and supervisory costs of the program in Asia and the United States.

  • Health and accident insurance as recommended by the U.S. government and individual Institutions.

  • Orientation and preparation seminars and symposia.

  • (For high school exchange) Return international airfare from the home country to a U.S. gateway city and return domestic airfare from the gate way to an airport near the host family.


  • pocket-money for incidentals; U.S.$150 per month suggested minimum.

  • (For private schools and university programs) airfare

  • Visa fees, airport and travel tax


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Asiamerica A.C.E. Programs

Asiamerica A.C.E. co-operates with numerous established exchange organizations and fully accredited private and public colleges and universities throughout the United States.


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